Rhytm Music School Tauko

We are a music institute specialized in rhythm music. New students can apply next time in August 2024.

Welcome to play!

Rhythm music school Tauko is a music institute specialized in rhythm music. We provide general education in art for hobby musicians, both young and old, through the general as well as the extended curriculum. For children under school age we offer lessons in violin and piano (using shapes and figure notes).

There are no entrance exams. We take new students according to the order of enrolment in August and January. 

Distance learning might be the right fit for you

Our new equipment allows for high quality distance learning. The class can be mainly distance learning or divided in distance and contact learning if wanted.

You can reserve a free distance meeting with our teacher: toimisto@tauko.com 

Music school Espoo

Our teaching facilities are built to fit our group teaching principle. We also have a separate classroom for band training as well as a recording studio. Our teachers are professionals in rhythm music and group teaching, and at Tauko you can also study in a family group or a marching drum band. Our new equipment also allows for high quality distance learning if needed.