Pricing for the semester 2024

Lessons and extra courses pricing

General curriculum

Group music class once a week á 45 min and lessons of music theory (optional).

The lesson can also be held as distance learning if the situation so requires.

  • Learning in pairs, 2 students/lesson 35 min. 380 €

    All instruments

  • 3-4 students/group 380 €

    Electric bass, drums, piano / keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele

Payment options:
in two parts á 195 €
in three parts á 131,66 €

  • 2-3 students/group 415 €

    Singing, flute, sax, violin, clarinet

Payment options:
in two parts á 212,50 €
in two parts á 143,33 €

  • Parent-child pair lessons 615 € / pair

    30 min / week (max. for one year)

  • Parent - child pair lessons 754 € / pari

    45 min / week (max. for one year)

Advanced curriculum

One music lesson (in pairs) and one theory lesson á 45 min per week, as well as a choice of either playing in a band, studying music technology or playing in our marching drum band. The advanced curriculum also includes performances in each semester and level checks. 

  • 485 €

Payment options:
in two parts á 247,50 €
in two parts á 166,66 €

Extra courses

  • Bands
  • Music technology as distance teaching
  • Marching drum band
  • The basics of music (theory) no fee
  • As a major 180 €
  • As an additive 110 €

Distance learning for adults at day time

Distance learning every other week at day time + every other week techers comments on students video 

  • 390 €

Private teaching

Private teaching is meant for students with special needs. á 30 min / week.

Includes 15 lessons of music theory (optional)

  • 620 €

Payment options:
in two parts á 315 €
in three parts á 211,66 €

Music play school

Music play school in daycares.

  • 140 €

Payment options:
in two parts á 75 €
in three parts á 51,66 €


Discounts are applicable to semester fees above 300 euros.

Family discount: 50 € /second and third family member

Second instrument -discount: 50 € / second instrument

One lesson during a semester can be replaced by an event organized for all students on the given teaching day.

Flexible payment terms

The fees are sent home as invoices by mail/e-mail and can be paid in up to 4 installments, adding 5€ of processing charge to each. If a student is forced to drop out in the middle of a semester, the remaining lessons will be refunded.

Other payment arrangements and/or reduction of the fee (with an informal application by 15.9) can be agreed separately via phone: 0400 794621 / mail: toimisto(at)